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Knee to Knee – Share Your Dream

Knee to Knee – Share Your Dream

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Most of us have dreams or wishes that may never become reality but are close to our heart. Trusting our partner with a secret longing may feel risky or we may simply never have considered doing so because, after all, it’s only a dream! Sharing dreams can draw us closer together and sometimes even help us to work together to make a dream come true. The important thing to realize, however, is that there is no expectation that sharing the dream means it has to become reality, so we need not be afraid to listen or to share.

To share your dream do either of the following:

1.Take a sheet of paper and some markers or crayons and simply draw a representation of your dream. (You are not doing it for an art exhibition so it doesn’t have to look good and you can always explain it to your spouse.) Take it in turns to share your drawing.

2. Write a letter to your spouse in which you share your dream, your wish and some of the thoughts and feel- ings that go with it. Read each other’s letters and talk about each in turn.