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Marriage Enrichment Groups

Replay of Virtual Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEGs)

Your time. Your place. Your topic. A Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) is an ongoing small group that provides a safe place for couples to explore their relationship among supportive peers. All couples are there for the same purpose – to […]

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A Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) is an ongoing small group that provides a safe place for couples to explore their relationship among supportive peers. All couples are there for the same purpose – to strengthen and grow their relationship. Learning from and sharing with other couples is a positive and relationship affirming experience. While no two relationships are the same, we are all traveling on the path to a Better Marriage, so why not travel with friends?

At Better Marriages, we find that couples who are part of a Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) thrive. They experience a safe environment in which to explore and grow their relationship – with each other and with other couples committed to growing their own relationships.

Couples that “dialogue” experience more fulfilling and enjoyable relationships, better understand
each other, and develop a way to communicate effectively even when dealing with difficult issues.
Dialogue skills are learned in the context of a MEG, but a couple can use those skills any time, any
place to more effectively discuss any topic.

Learn how to lead a MEG with the Guide for Leaders of Marriage Enrichment Groups. You can purchase it HERE.


Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEGs) are designed for couples, led by couples, and provide opportunities for couple dialogue and ongoing relational growth. Each MEG is as unique as the couples in them.

Many MEGs meet once a month in a face-to-face setting with up to eight couples. Each month the couples will address a different topic. The goal of the couples’ time together is to focus on their relationship. Though some social time is built into the schedule, the majority of the time is spent with couples dialoguing “knee-to-knee”.


You might not have a MEG near you. Or perhaps your schedule won’t allow you to
commit to a monthly meeting. A Virtual MEG is for you!

A Virtual MEG can accommodate a limitless number of couples from any place in the world. Couples can join by telephone or webcast. Though the MEGs are offered monthly, a couple may choose to attend or not, as desired. Each month there will be new couples attending as well as those who have attended previously. Feel free to “come and go” during the year as you want and are able. No long-term commitment is expected or required.

The MEG is facilitated by a Leader Couple who has been trained by Better Marriages in group process, working with couples. This couple will share their relationship openly with the group while participating in their own relational growth. For those attending the webcast on their computer, a Power Point presentation will be used to enhance the experience.

The meeting will last for approximately one hour. During the MEG, all participants’ phone lines will
be muted in order to silence background noises.

The Leader Couple will introduce a topic (a different topic each month). They will share
their perspective on the topic and then have an open couple dialogue about how their
relationship is impacted by the topic. They will share their own experiences and steps they might
take to grow their relationship in the specific area addressed.

Participants will be provided with a conversation starter – a set of topic-focused
questions – to facilitate their own dialogue. They will be given an opportunity to dialogue
privately for 15 minutes, using the conversation starter. All participants’ phone lines
will remain muted. At the end of 15 minutes, all participants’ lines will be unmuted for
15 minutes, allowing the opportunity for individuals and couples to share any insights
or comments related to the topic with others in the group. Sharing is always voluntary.
Couples can choose whether or not to share with the group and will never be put on the
spot to do so.


Currently, a Virtual MEG is scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8 pm Eastern time.

Can’t attend? listen to replays of the Virtual MEGs – choose your own time, place, and topic.
To access the replays of each Virtual MEG (audio and slides), click HERE.
Experience a Virtual MEG any time and any place.  You can even select the MEG by the topic that most interests you.

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By all means! Please feel free to share invitations and information with your family,
friends and colleagues. Post on Twitter and Facebook. The Virtual MEG is a gift to
share! Recordings of Virtual MEGs are available HERE.


“The number 1 most important thing we do for our marriage is to attend a Marriage
Enrichment Group!”                                                                                   Gene and Ginger

“Couples in our Marriage Enrichment Group have gotten us through all kinds of things in
and beyond our relationship. There is power in getting together with other marriage-
minded couples.”                                                                                     Charlie and Debbie

“Our Marriage Enrichment Group has kept us talking and sharing. We’ve learned how to
express feelings and how to be nicer to each other. We’ve learned that we’re not mind
readers, not to assume, and to give each other the benefit of the doubt. We wouldn’t be
together today without the communication skills and dialogue we’ve learned through
Better Marriages.”                                                                                            Jim and Lana


Couple dialogue is intentional conversation between partners. Each partner takes turns expressing his or her thoughts, feelings and wants. Each partner strives to truly hear and understand the other.

A couple faces each other, makes eye contact, and makes physical contact, such as holding hands. This is an opportunity for couples to give each other the gift of undivided attention, free of distractions.

In the context of the Virtual Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG), couples use “private” couple dialogue. The lines are muted and they simply talk privately with their partner. Often, in face-to-face MEGs, couples are invited to talk with each other in front of the group. This is called “open” couple dialogue. The couples in the group provide a quiet, reassuring presence as the dialoguing couple shares in one-on-one conversation with each other while the other couples quietly listen. Open couple dialogue encourages couples to use their best talking and listening skills. During their dialogue, other couples in the group ponder their own relationship. Over time, the couples in the MEG develop a strong bond, having intimately shared their relationship within the group.