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Life is ever changing, ever growing, and we change and grow along with it, affecting the relationships we have. To keep a marriage strong and flexible enough to survive, and grow along with us takes commitment, focus, love and learning. You have to learn to communicate with your partner through all of life’s stages and changes. Better Marriages provides tools and resources you can use to continue the growth of your relationship and make it a priority through all of the distractions life can bring.

Better Marriages’ “For Couples” pages contain a wealth of tested and proven strategies that can assist and inspire you and your partner. What will your inspiration be today?


Better Marriages Articles are an ongoing and informative resource to help your relationship grow. Constantly updated with new material, you and your partner will find new and exciting ways to communicate. learn, and share with one another on your journey […]

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Everybody loves a good tip, right? Quick tips, easy tips, and the tips we wish we had thought of ourselves. The Better Marriages website is filled with tips for couples to assist you in growing and strengthening your relationship. We […]

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Relationship Assessment for Couples

How's your relationship? Take this assessment and find out! The assessment takes about 15 minutes and you'll receive results as well as suggestions for next steps immediately. Upon completion of the form below, you will receive a link in the confirmation […]

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Book Reviews

Couple experts on relationships at Better Marriages read and evaluate the latest in relationship literature, and provide unadulterated feedback. This way, you can decide for yourself whether the latest best seller will be a good investment in your relationship, or it […]

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Couple Exercises

Knowing your partner, and feeling close to them, takes more than asking questions. It takes asking the right questions, and really listening to the answers. Better Marriages has several exercises that will have you and your partner finding out the […]

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Nothing draws us into a story like video.  It involves more of our senses than any other medium, and that makes it a powerful tool to assist, educate, and inspire. At Better Marriages, we want you to intentionally create the […]

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We live in a hectic world, and sometimes making the time to focus on our relationship can be difficult. Better Marriages MP3 audio files can be downloaded and you can listen to them while commuting, on the treadmill, cooking dinner. […]

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