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Derby Pie in a Mug

A derby pie (Kentucky derby pie) is basically a pecan pie with bourbon and chocolate chips! Ingredients 1 ½ tablespoon (45g/1 ½ oz) butter, melted ⅔ cup (85g/3 ¼ oz) brown sugar 2 tablespoons (41g/1 ½ oz) maple syrup/ honey or […]

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Recipe: Pecan Pie in a Mug

Ingredients 1 ½ tablespoon (45g/1 ½ oz) butter, melted ⅔ cup (85g/3 ¼ oz) brown sugar 3 tablespoons (41g/1 ½ oz) maple syrup/ honey or golden syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla ⅛ teaspoon salt 1 egg ⅔ cup (60g/2oz) pecans, chopped […]

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Recipe: Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Ingredients ¼ C flour 2 T sugar 2 T cocoa ¼ t baking powder 1/8 t salt ¼ C + 1 T milk 2 T oil 1 T chocolate chips Instructions Mix all ingredients together in the mug Microwave 1 minute Enjoy!

Dinner Conversation Starters

Download your free Dinner Conversation Starters. Enjoy! What are you MOST thankful for today? What brings you happiness? What was the best part of your day? What is the nicest thing someone did for you this year? What is the […]

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Supporting Your Spouse Through Addiction and Recovery

By Dr. Sarah Toler, CNM, DNP www.addictions.com Coming soon: Online Relationship Academy https://close-companions.teachable.com Being married to a person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs is hard. When you entered into a marriage, you did so with the expectation of always putting each other […]

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Oh Baby! Date Nights for Expectant Couples

By: www.datenightguide.com Pregnancy is an exciting time. Despite a lengthy preparation list of name selection, nursery decorating and baby registries, it’s important to keep your relationship a priority ─ especially since it’s soon to change from a twosome to a threesome or […]

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16 Free & Cheap Date Nights for the Fall Season

by: Nancy DeVault www.datenightguide.com Saving for the holidays? Kudos! But there’s no need to cut out date night to maintain your seasonal budget because free and/or cheap date nights can be just as fun as big-ticket outings. This fall season, fall in […]

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21 Ways to “Give Good No”

By Christine Carter   We are coming to that time of the year that is both blessed and cursed with zillions of invitations. Here are some that are in my email right now: Can you meet me for coffee to help me […]

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Family Life Lessons: 5 National Awareness Causes to Observe

National awareness days, weeks and months are opportunities to teach our children valuable life lessons. Families can promote cancer awareness in honor of a lost loved one during World Cancer Day. Schools can champion Internet and mobile device safety on […]

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12 Great Holiday Shopping Apps to Save you Time and Money

by Linda Cauthen As though buying gifts for the holidays isn’t difficult enough, the shopping season is shorter than usual this year, with less than four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That means you have to make the most of your shopping […]

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