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Better Marriages Articles are an ongoing and informative resource to help your relationship grow. Constantly updated with new material, you and your partner will find new and exciting ways to communicate. learn, and share with one another on your journey to your own Better Marriage. Check back often, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get timely information delivered to your inbox.

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Better Marriages Prepares us for “In Sickness and in Death”

Huw Christopher, Pasadena, California My wife, Rachel, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2018. Having spent years nurturing and growing our relationship, we’d never quite considered that one day one of us would end up alone. When Rachel was diagnosed she […]

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Annual Fall Giving Campaign

from Priscilla Hunt, Executive Director Today I read an interesting article about the revitalization of a rural town on the Missouri River in Kansas. This stuck out for me: “Valuable change happens when folks aren’t afraid of breaking out of old ways […]

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How to reignite the sparks from your earliest days together

Are you like me? When I met Greg (the one-and-only love of my life) I had butterflies in my stomach! When we met (I was engaged to be married to another man 3 months later. . . ). I knew […]

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Gratitude for our Life Together

by Huw Christopher, Better Marriages Emeritus Member Pasadena California A few days after the death of my wife, Rachel, I was reading a daily devotional which we had frequently shared together.  On that particular day, the meditation from the Henri Nouwen Society […]

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Post-Wedding To-Do’s: Tackling Employer-Provided Benefits

When you get married, so much of your lives join as one. Maybe your last name, where you live, and your finances but, this doesn’t just happen all at once. Each of these are things that will require a conversation […]

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Common Relationship Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

Every relationship has its hardships and will run into problems from time to time. You’re both living busy lives, whether it's from being overworked, the stress that comes with raising a family, or dealing with a major life change. No […]

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What is the Relationship Between Better Marriages and Close Companions

What's the relationship between Better Marriages and Close Companions? We're one big happy family with a common mission! Our legal name, the name under which we were founded as a 501(c)(3), is Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment (ACME). In 2009, the […]

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More Fun in Your Relationship: 6 Ways

guest post Introduction Here are 6 ways to have more fun in your relationship! Relationships are usually excellent during the initial honeymoon stage. However, once the newness wears off, it's not uncommon for some people to feel more like roommates than loving partners. […]

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Greg and Priscilla Hunt Receive Mace Medal

Better Marriages Recognizes and Honors Greg and Priscilla Hunt with the David and Vera Mace Medal  WHEREAS Greg and Priscilla have been recognized as the face of Better Marriages on an international stage for fourteen years; and WHEREAS they model an exemplary relationship and […]

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How to Stop Fighting About Money

Introduction One of the most notoriously combustible topics is money. When left unaddressed in relationships, even the healthiest couples can become plagued by financial disagreement. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Check out these tips to learn how to get […]

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