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Couple Leadership Training (Advanced)

Feeling the need to step up in your marriage enrichment leadership? Have you been asked to present a program on a topic that you find particularly challenging?  Don’t know where to start? The ATW will celebrate your leadership to date and help you to further develop your skills.


The ATW is open to trained Better Marriages leader couples who have led at least one event.  Certification is not a prerequisite.  Special note: completion of an ATW is required for couples applying as Specialists in Marriage Enrichment.


The Advanced Training Workshop (ATW) is a 30 hour training. This ATW is scheduled in conjunction with a regional event to make attending more possible for leader couples.

The goal of the ATW is to encourage growth in marriage enrichment leadership beyond the basics of the LTW and to enable leaders to design and lead a variety of events. Leader Couples will learn from each other as they share experiences with topics, settings, costs, recruiting, promotion and Better Marriages procedures.

Couples are asked to bring:

  1. description and handouts from a program they have presented for an “idea exchange.”
  2. beginnings of a new program they would like to try in a safe, supportive environment and receive feedback from other leader couples.

Couples will explore how couple leadership impacts their relationship and how their relationship impacts their leadership.

Couples will have a private consultation with the trainers to discuss self-evaluation, growth plans and leadership concerns.


The registration cost of the ATW is $375 per couple.  Meal costs and hotel are additional.


A non-refundable $100 deposit is required 1 month prior to the training.  Mail a check to Better Marriages, P.O. Box 21374, Winston-Salem, NC  27120 or call with credit card information:  1-800-634-8325.


Please contact Lauren McRae at ">.