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Weekend Whims

Weekend Whims

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Very often a clock tells us where we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be doing Monday through Friday. Weekends usually bring blocks of relatively “unstructured” time for couples. When the weekend arrives, we may find structuring time for ourselves as an opportunity or a chore.

Dealing with unstructured time can be difficult for couples, especially when individual goals and wishes differ or are not shared beforehand. It is even possible to experience more conflict on the weekends because the time frame in which to express pent-up feelings presents itself more readily. Use this exercise to help plan your future weekends as a time to meet mutual goals and desires.


1. How do you like to spend your weekend time?

What tasks do you prefer to do?

What fun things do you like to do?

2. Do you prefer extra sleep-in time?

How much time do you like to spend relaxing?

What special treats do you enjoy (bubble bath? an old movie? an afternoon nap? dining out? watching sports on TV? hobbies? etc.).

3. Describe your favorite weekend. Since we can’t take off for the islands every weekend, what activities would need to be included so that you felt very satisfied with your weekend overall?



1. Share your responses and plan some weekend time that will fit both of your needs and wishes!