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Interviewing Your Partner

Interviewing Your Partner

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We never learn all there is to know about our partners. Take turns answering the questions. Give each other permission to skip questions.


  1. Did you enjoy elementary school?


  1. What were your best and worst subjects?


  1. What book/movie/play or      author         most  influenced  you?


  1. Who is your favorite relative?


  1. To which family member were you closest as a child?


  1. What career choice appealed to you as a child?


  1. What major illnesses did you have as a child or youth?


  1. What was the most dramatic event in your childhood or youth?


  1. What achievements have brought you the greatest satisfaction?


  1. What are your three favorite leisure activities?


  1. What is your favorite main course, dessert, color, musical instrument, entertainer, TV show?


  1. What do you consider your most attractive and unattractive physical features?


  1. What has been the biggest disappointment in your life to this point?


  1. What were the major turning points in your life?


  1. What do you consider your major successes?


  1. What major goals do you have?


After you have completed interviewing each other, take time to discuss together how it felt to learn new information about each other.