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Hugging Closely

Hugging Closely

by David Banks, PhD

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Dr. Banks will be speaking at the Better Marriages Conference , July 9-12, 2015 in St. Louis


When was the last time you really hugged one another?

Do you just wave or call out “goodbye” to each other when you part? Do you just pat each other on the back as you leave in the morning or do a sideways hug? Taking time regularly to give one another a great embrace will strengthen your marriage.



Stand close together and face one another. Adjust the actions as needed to match your mutual heights.

Husband: Wrap your arms around your wife’s waist.

Wife: Wrap your arms around your husband’s neck or waist. Put your head on his chest or shoulders or lean against him in a way that feels comfortable.

Husband: Rest your head on her shoulders or the top of her head or lean against her in a way that is comfortable.

Both: Close your eyes and feel yourselves being held in each other’s embrace.