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The Miracle of Connection Part 1: Growing Our Passion

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With Hedy Schleifer

In this program Hedy covers the initial “Romance” stage of relationship and how to keep the initial excitement alive over time.


Hedy shared the following five assumptions she and Yumi make about committed relationships:

  1. We grow and heal in the crucible of our relationship. “Therapy” doesn’t work well for relationships because the relationship IS the therapy.
  2. A relationship is not a problem to be solved; it is an adventure to embrace.
  3. Conflict is a friend, an opportunity for growth and connection.
  4. A relationship is a laboratory for the “Relational Maturity” of two adults.
  5. The higher mission of a relationship is to reclaim our wholeness. We choose a partner perfectly suited for this task, even if we appear incompatible.


  1. Our relationship happens in the space between us. True connection happens when we empty ourselves and cross the bridge to meet our partner.
  2. Everything your partner says in the present is a child attempting to tell their story.
  3. We are energy that can be expressed positively or negatively.
  4. Your partner’s bewildering behavior is an existential cry for help.
  5. Every frustration is a double-gift for the relationship.
  6. Liberating our joy into our space re-romanticizes our relationship.
  7. Fulfillment comes from dreaming our largest dreams together.


“When it seems there are only two alternatives; pick the third” — Hedy’s Dad

“Beyond ‘right-thinking’ and ‘wrong-thinking’ there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” — Rumi

Our relationship lives in the space between us; in the hyphen between the “I” and the “Thou” in our “I-Thou” relationship.

In a relationship, we must “honor the ‘otherness’ of the other” and assume we are two separate people, and “cross the bridge into the country of our partner.”

When we honor the “otherness” of our partner and empty ourselves to “cross the bridge” we are honoring the space between us, which then becomes warm, loving, inviting, and passionate.

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