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How to Use Conflict to Bring You Closer

by Priscilla and Greg Hunt, PhD   "Conflict is not something tragic in a human relationship. It is not to be feared and run away from. It is a normal and integral part of any close relationship."    David Mace   THE TRUTH ABOUT CONFLICT   Conflict […]

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Communication in Marriage is More Than Words

by Priscilla Hunt   My mother-in-law has moved to town. . . one street over. Believe it or not, this is a good thing in many ways. We get along well. We’ve even traveled together. But this is the first time in […]

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The Best Marriage Begins with the Word ‘Better’

by Greg and Priscilla Hunt We’d probably all agree we want a successful marriage - the best marriage possible. How do we get there? By building a better marriage! The word better is a relative term – a better marriage is […]

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Rekindle the Romance

By Greg and Priscilla Hunt August was Romance Awareness Month. But it’s always a good time to be aware of romance! Now is the time to become aware of the romance that’s brewing just below the surface of your relationship. Time to ignite […]

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