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Friend or More? The Affair You Don’t Realize You’re Having

Scott Haltzman, MD     When Does Intimacy Between Friends Cross the Line?   In a previous blog post, I explained that the best way to avoid having an affair is to be wary of people who don't care about the happiness of your marriage. […]

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Better Marriages Conference 2013 – Looking Back

“Attending Better Marriages international conference is a no-brainer for our relationship. Every time we attend it brings us closer and strengthens our relationship in ways that nothing else can. 2013 in Raleigh was no exception!”   With over 450 participants from 7 countries, the […]

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Better Marriages Down Under

by Gerlinde and Ian Spencer Sydney, Australia   History of Marriage Enrichment in Australia In 1980 and 1981, David and Vera Mace, founders of Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment - ACME (re-branded Better Marriages) traveled all the way to Australia at the invitation […]

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Committing to Unity in Your Marriage

by Susanne M. Alexander, Marriage Educator (www.MarriageTransformation.com) Susanne M. Alexander is speaking at the Better Marriages Conference July 11-14, 2013 in Raleigh, NC The survival of your marriage and your health depend upon maintaining a high level of unity. Think about how […]

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Love Like God

by Kevin B. Bullard   Kevin and Cetelia Bullard are speaking at the Better Marriages Conference July 11-14, 2013 in Raleigh, NC   This month I want to challenge you to love your spouse like your Heavenly Father loves you ... in an ongoing, […]

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Using Emotional Intelligence to Manage Anger

by Larry L. Sonksen, LMSW and Jodi Sonksen, RN Anger is a universal emotion that can be handled destructively or constructively. To comprehend the destructive impact of anger, all we have to do is read the newspaper or watch TV and […]

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Developing an Intentional Marriage

Married couple talks about the importance of being intentional about developing relationship skills. There desire to grow and improve their marriage has been a driving force in this 2nd marriage. Involvement in their Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) has provided important […]

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Committed to Ongoing Growth in Marriage

Long-time married couple talks about why they've been involved in Better Marriages and what it has meant to their relationship. They are committed to the ongoing growth of their relationship. http://youtu.be/erPUq0Uffhg

A Second Marriage – Doing it Right

Long-time members of Better Marriages talk about what their involvement has meant to them. A second marriage for both, they wanted to do this one right! www.BetterMarriages.org http://youtu.be/ZPBSZw5LeoM

Why We’re Involved in Better Marriages

Married couple talks about why they are long-time members of Better Marriages. What it does for their relationship. It helps them deal with scheduling issues - reminds them how important it is to take time to be together. Being involved […]

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