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Greg and Priscilla Hunt Receive Mace Medal

Better Marriages Recognizes and Honors
Greg and Priscilla Hunt
with the David and Vera Mace Medal 

WHEREAS Greg and Priscilla have been recognized as the face of Better Marriages on an international stage for fourteen years; and

WHEREAS they model an exemplary relationship and demonstrate bedrock commitment; and

WHEREAS they have provided unwavering leadership during a fragile time in Better Marriages’ history; and

WHEREAS they have provided unparalleled leadership of numerous workshops, retreats, trainings and keynote addresses; and

WHEREAS they are universally respected in the field of marriage education and enrichment; and

WHEREAS they have advocated for strong relationships throughout the United States and beyond; and

WHEREAS they coordinated and emceed International Marriage Enrichment Conferences in 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015; and

WHEREAS they presented a vision for the creation of the Close Companions Online Relationship Academy and created the first course on Managing Stress Together; and

WHEREAS they were instrumental in the doing-business-as branding of Better Marriages and Close Companions; and

WHEREAS they have established an online presence for Better Marriages through social media; and

WHEREAS they have written innumerable articles and contributed to numerous books on relationships; and

WHEREAS they are sought after for interviews by newspapers, radio, and television as relationship specialists; and

WHEREAS they conceived of and conducted the Dream Team Retreat for Better Marriages Leader Couples;

NOW THEREFORE, with deep appreciation, the Board of Directors of the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment recognizes Greg and Priscilla Hunt with the Mace Medal this second day of April, 2022.

Gene and Ginger Wall
Board of Directors President Couple