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Sending Flowers as an Anniversary Gift: Simple Guide How to Choose the Best Bouquet

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Flowers have long been a part of wedding and anniversary celebrations, with stories dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt. This simple gesture is a beautiful way to note the occasion and tell your other half how much you care about them.

Here are some practical considerations when sending flowers as an anniversary gift.

Consider the Year

Did you know that there are traditional gifts for each wedding anniversary? The same tradition applies to giving the gift of a bouquet to mark the occasion. Each year boasts a different bloom for a perfect balance between spontaneity and tradition.

As this etiquette practice dates back to simpler times, many of the blooms included in the list are simple, accessible, and affordable. Consider which anniversary you’re celebrating, and pair it with the matching gift option for that year. You can find the full list of traditional gifts here.

Determining the Budget

Choosing an arrangement that suits your budget is essential when celebrating your anniversary— especially if you and your partner have big financial goals. You don’t need an overpriced bouquet to make a statement; a small, simple arrangement can be equally as beautiful.

Work with a trusted florist who can put together a stunning arrangement that suits your budget. If you’re shopping for flowers online, remember to account for delivery fees and taxes as they apply. Ideally, a budget-friendly flower delivery gift will cost a minimum of $50.

Accounting for Personal Preference

While relying on symbolism is a great way to simplify your shopping experience, it shouldn’t trump personal preference. If your significant other loves carnations, but it’s not your first wedding anniversary, get carnations. While red and pink blooms symbolize love and romance, get orange and yellow if that’s your spouse’s favorite color.

If you aren’t sure which flowers your partner likes the most, think back to your wedding; you can’t go wrong recreating a floral arrangement from your wedding. Your partner is sure to appreciate the sentiment, and you’ll have photos to show the florist if you aren’t sure of the names.

Another consideration is whether your significant other might prefer a potted plant rather than a cut bouquet. Plant lovers tend to prefer living flowers that they can tend to and maintain for years to come.

Choosing the Style

There are many different types of bouquets. Choosing the right type of bouquet ultimately depends on the style and statement you’re trying to convey. For example, a hand-tied bouquet is simple, innocent, and quaint. A nosegay bouquet emphasizes greenery, and a round bouquet is more uniform, symmetrical, and floral-focused.

Determining the Message

Finally, don’t forget to include a personal message with the flower delivery— don’t include a generic card! Take a few minutes to write how much the person means to you, your hopes for the future, or a cherished memory you share. Reference something that has meaning to you both, whether it’s a line from your vows or a favorite song.

Keep these tips in mind to choose the perfect anniversary bouquet.