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Caring for our Couple Relationship by Spending Quality Time Together

by Carl and Nancy Terry

It is important to remember that spending some quality time together enhances our relationship. The Pandemic has changed for many couples the availability or the amount of time that is possible to spend together. How can we seek out ways to enjoy and spend quality time with each other?

Remember what fun you had early in your couple relationship. How can you bring that back? Possibly you are both working, maybe from home or one at home and one not, helping kids with homework, taking care of the basic household tasks. When will we find time to be together let alone have fun together? We are tired. We are anxious.

First, let us have a conversation together about what that would look like.

What were some of those early fun times? Remember them. Laugh, even get out the pictures of those dates. Share what energized you, made you feel loved and cared for. How do you adapt those experiences to now?

Here are a few ideas:

• Walks
• Holding hands
• Kisses good morning, good night.
• Eating dinner in a special place other than the normal one
• Enjoying a happy hour
• Given each other a massage
• Watching a movie, holding hands
• Snuggling on the couch
• Making out on the couch or big chair.
• Playing games together
• Dancing together
• Listening to music
• Having coffee together
• Lunch dates
• Take a ride together

Once you get started you can think of your own ways of loving and caring for each other in a special way. Make a list. Take turns planning and inviting or doing together.Some couples have even written them on slips of paper, put in a jar, and then pull one out when you are ready for that special time.

Now commit to a day and time soon. It does not have to be long range plans. What can be done now, this week?

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