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At-Home Date Night Ideas

In these uncertain times, you may find yourself at home more often than not. These circumstances can make having fun and romantic date nights feel next to impossible. However, there are plenty of ways to get creative and have a perfect date night with your spouse in the comfort of your home! Here are eight easy ways to have a romantic night with your partner:

Camp in the Living Room

Creating your own campground in your living room is a perfect way to transform your home into a romantic getaway. Put together a tent (if you have one) or just build a fort together to give yourselves a sense of escape. Cut the bright lights, and hang some string lights, or even burn some candles (where it is safe to do so) to set the mood. Lastly, unplug from your phones or tv and spend some quality time together through deep conversations, or even share some ghost stories to have a true camping experience!

Movie Marathon

A perfect way to spend some quality time together is with a movie marathon that speaks to both of your interests or that you can play a game with. If you cannot decide between something new or a classic, write down titles on some paper and draw out of a hat to make it more of a surprise! Enjoying some new titles together can be a romantic and fun way to liven up the old routine of watching whatever’s on TV. Just be sure you have the basics: a couch big enough to cuddle on, freshly popped popcorn, and some living room-friendly wine tumblers that won’t spill so you can have a perfectly romantic evening wrapped up together.

Paint and Sip

A perfect way to tap into your creative side is with a paint and sip night with your significant other. Break out some easels, blank canvases, paintbrushes, paint, and your drink of choice, and let the creative juices flow. If you feel as though you need some guidance, there are plenty of step-by-step painting videos that can guide you through your experience. Then, you can either hang your masterpieces as a reminder of the night or just share a laugh about your artistic skills (or lack thereof). Again, this will serve as a fun way to change things up and share a unique experience with your partner.

Cooking Class

If you and your mate are looking to improve your culinary skills, an online cooking class can be the perfect date night solution. No matter if you are new to the cooking world, or simply looking for meal ideas, virtual cooking classes can inspire you and your loved one in the kitchen. Additionally, working together on a project, like a meal, can help improve your communication skills by allowing you to support each other and work off each other’s strengths. After all, nothing says, “I love you” more than a home-cooked meal that was prepared together!

 Game Night

What is better than a bit of friendly competition? Pick out your favorite board game and challenge your partner to a game night to bring yourselves some fun and laughter. Classic games such as Life, Monopoly, Sorry, or Trouble are excellent choices to get the night started, but there are also several new, award-winning games to try if you’re both sick of the popular ones. To make game night even more competitive, tally up your wins and have the loser of the night cook dinner, or do the laundry! A fun game will lighten up your night and can help you both become playful with one another.

Have a Tasting Party

Charcuterie boards, wine, and chocolate are all perfect options to have a tasting party for two in the comfort of your home. It can be a fun experience to pick out new things to try and craft your own charcuterie board and pairings, whether sweet or savory. If you’ve traveled together, consider letting your most recent visit steer your culinary choices, whether that means Spanish pork and manchego cheese, or New York cheddar and apple butter. This will be a great way to reminisce together while enjoying a tasty meal! If you are in need of some new wines to accompany your tasting party, consider a wine delivery that can create curated selections from the comfort of your couch.

Spa Day

No matter what time of year it is, everyone could use a night of relaxation. What better way to kick up your feet and enjoy some quality time with each other than with a spa day at home? Run a bath with some bubbles, light some candles, and put on your favorite music to begin. Then you can follow up with matching DIY face masks and even give each other massages for maximum relaxation and to add a sensual turn to the night. It will help you both de-stress and unwind in order to fully enjoy each other’s company.

 Workout Together

Exercising together can be a perfect way to boost your motivation and push yourself to limits you did not know you were capable of. Online workout classes can be the perfect way to try something new such as yoga or pilates together all while breaking a sweat and challenging each other. Even better, once you are finished you can enjoy a delicious meal together and celebrate your fitness wins. Exercise helps blow off steam and the endorphins it brings can put you both in happy, cuddling moods. This is the perfect way to motivate each other and try something new together.

 No matter what date night idea you decide to try, it is important to remember that this is about quality time with your partner so you can focus on prioritizing your relationship. By putting in the effort to have a fun and romantic time together, your relationship’s health will flourish.