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Relationship Growth Plan

by Eddie and Sylvia Robertson
adapted from Wonderful Wednesdays, available in our online bookstore here.

It is always a good time to create a Relationship Growth Plan. Where do you want your relationship to be in a month? A year? It can only happen if you plan for it to happen.

Before you begin, share your answers to these questions:

  1. Where have you made progress toward goals? No fair saying “nowhere.”
  2. Brainstorm fun ways to celebrate what you have accomplished.

Couple Exercise

Individually list; then combine lists:

  1. Three things you want for yourself
  2. Three things you want for your mate
  3. Three things you want for your marriage

Now, make a plan together knee to knee. Include goals for:

short term (two week)

mid term (6 month)

long term (a year or more)