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The Joy of the Unexpected


From the resource files of Better Marriages


All of us expected to find happiness with our chosen partners.

However, one of life’s surprises is the joy of the unexpected pleasures. That joy is the focus of this couple exercise.

Write your responses to the questions and then share them with your partner and discuss.

  1. What has been the greatest unexpected joy in your relationship? That is, what have you found in your relationship that you enjoy, but that you didn’t anticipate when you committed to each other?
  2. What have you learned from your partner that you would have never known?
  3. What ideas and/or values have you enjoyed sharing and discussing?
  4. What goals have you worked together to see become a reality?
  5. What areas of life has your partner introduced you to that you would have never been exposed to, but have enjoyed?
  6. What hobbies have you shared or been encouraged by your partner to develop individually that have brought you the joy of creativity?
  7. What responsibilities have you enjoyed turning over to your partner that you would have to shoulder by yourself if you were single?
  8. What happy surprises have you enjoyed in your physical life together?
  9. What pleasure have you gained by your expanded family relationships?
  10. Take time to express appreciation to each other for the most significant joys your partner has given you.