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Everybody loves a good tip, right? Quick tips, easy tips, and the tips we wish we had thought of ourselves. The Better Marriages website is filled with tips for couples to assist you in growing and strengthening your relationship. We have taken the best of the best and put them here for you. Tips on talking, listening, activities, second marriages and more can be used to inspire, encourage, and strengthen your marriage.  Tips are also quick to read, implement, and often give us those “a-ha!” moments that can change our relationship forever. Grab your free tips today.

10 Tips for Managing Stress

Want to learn how to manage stress together 24/7? Try this self-paced, on-demand, online course - https://courses.closecompanions.org/p/managing-stress-together-online-course Develop self-awareness and learn to effectively identify your stress. If you’re flying through life, barely stopping to breathe, you might not even be […]

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Marriage Moments Compilation

Marriage Moments Members of Better Marriages receive a weekly “Marriage Moment” delivered to their inbox.  If you aren’t currently a member and want to get more articles, tips, and couple exercises, you can join at http://www.bettermarriages.org/members/join/ Please enjoy this sample compilation. “All those ‘and […]

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10 Ways to Make the New Year a Relationship Game Changer

by Priscilla Hunt, Specialist in Marriage Enrichment www.closecompanions.org www.bettermarriages.org New Year's Resolutions sometimes get a bad rap. Often, they're the butt of jokes and we get the message that we're expected to fail after the first week of the new year. But, Greg and […]

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Ten Tips for a Successful Relationship

By Joanne Reid 1. I believe there are two types of people: Givers and Takers. Choose a partner with a generous heart. Observe how they treat disadvantaged people and how they treat animals, children, and elderly people. You'll see their true […]

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6 Tips To Help You Manage Your Anger

Rhoberta Shaler Stop letting anger control you. Reclaim your life and start feeling better about yourself. “I don’t like who I am after I let my anger fly!” That’s what folks coming to me for anger management counseling and classes say. They’re disappointed, […]

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12 Ways to Improve Your Marriage in 2015

By Rachel Dack   Relationships and marriages go through many stages, changes and transitions. Similar to planting, watering and caring for seeds, in order for them to blossom into flowers, a marriage calls for constant nurturing and attention.   While our relationships bring us […]

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Simple Ways to Be Inspired and Stress-free Every Day

by Mandy   With the holidays here, I find myself becoming a bit more anxious.   My spouse and I have to coordinate work schedules to match kids’ school schedules. We have travel plans to visit our relatives in another state which requires detailed […]

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4 Tips for Recovering After Infidelity

Aaron Anderson, FamilyShare Do you worry that your marriage will never completely heal because of an affair? Not only can your relationship recover, but it can be better than before. If you've been cheated on, you often wonder how you can be […]

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Tips: Adventurous Activities for Husband and Wife

As time goes by and you both settle into your daily routines, sometimes it gets harder to think of new and exciting things to do together. There are always new restaurants to try or new places to visit and explore, but […]

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Help Your Relationship Thrive With These 4 Unconventional Tips

There's no doubt that it it takes work to maintain a strong, loving, meaningful marriage, but it's that work combined with compromise that can also make a successful marriage so fulfilling. If you're looking for ways to strengthen your marriage […]

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