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Tips: Adventurous Activities for Husband and Wife

As time goes by and you both settle into your daily routines, sometimes it gets harder to think of new and exciting things to do together.

There are always new restaurants to try or new places to visit and explore, but it seems like the things you still do together have become all too familiar.

Try something together that can be your very own. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Motorcycling in Matrimony

Whether you’re cruising along a coastal highway or zipping through country terrain, taking a ride on a motorcycle with your loved one can be an almost magical experience.

Before you strap on your helmet and fuel up your machine, you’ll need to do some pre-planning. You will either need a permit, an endorsement on a regular driver’s license, or a motorcycle license. As for insurance, check the minimum insurance requirements and look for discounts. For registration, you’ll need the basic paperwork like you do for a car—emissions, proof of insurance, proof of title and your permit or license. Check your state DMV for a detailed list.

You’ll be out in all kinds of weather and you need to dress for it appropriately. Motorcycle apparel like leather jackets are standard wear, as well as gloves and pants. And don’t forget the boots.

Popular motorcycle riding destinations include Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees, Beartooth Pass, Wyoming and San Juan Mountain Skyway in Colorado.

Kayaking Couples

Kayaking is a great way to connect with nature. You can go fishing or relax and watch the sun set right from the seat of the kayak.

There are SINK (sit inside kayaks) and SOT (sit on top) kayaks. Both styles can be purchased or rented. Talk it over with your partner as to which you would prefer.

As far as safety, you will need a PFD (a personal flotation device). Do not go kayaking without a good one and wear it at all times. Take a kayaking lesson with a certified instructor to learn the basics. A first-aid and CPR lesson can be taken as an added measure of precaution.

Remember to stay hydrated and pack a gallon of water. Also recommended is a first aid or supply kit that contains band aids, anti-acids, energy bars, lotion, sunscreen and aspirin. Seal it in an air-tight container. Some kayakers place the container in a ziplock bag to ensure it won’t get wet.

Wear bright colored clothing when you kayak such as orange or yellow. This way you can be seen by other boats and won’t encounter any accidents.

Add a Touch of Spontaneity

If you don’t want to do something strenuous, there are many other things that you two can start together that don’t take much planning.

Get season tickets for your favorite sports teams, the opera or the symphony. A spontaneous night out can be fun for the both of you.

Take swing-dancing lessons. Let the music be your guide and let-loose!

Pick a day or weekend and have a movie marathon. Make sure you have popcorn, soda and candy and then make a bed on the floor and watch movies. Just like you did when you were young.