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Ten Tips for a Successful Relationship

By Joanne Reid

1. I believe there are two types of people: Givers and Takers. Choose a partner with a generous heart. Observe how they treat disadvantaged people and how they treat animals, children, and elderly people. You’ll see their true colours every time.
2. Choose a partner who enjoys spending their downtime with you and you’ll build a friendship and partnership that will last beyond the honeymoon period.
3. Avoid power struggles – they ruin relationships.
4. Have financial honesty and share financial responsibility. Save money – even if you can only save a little, do it regularly – make it a habit.
5. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled and don’t seek to control. Freedom is the foundation on which we build loving, respectful relationships.
6. Keep the romance alive with spontaneous gestures of affection. Snuggle up often – men crave cuddles and hand-holding as much as women.
7. Lack of clear boundaries invites lack of respect. Set your boundaries early in the relationship and take no nonsense.
8. Choose a partner that supports your goals and helps you flourish. Allow no one to diminish your force.
9. Be competitive – see who can be the quickest to forgive and love the other more.
10. Appreciation is the secret to happiness. Appreciate all you love in one another. You feed what you focus on – appreciating all that’s good attracts more of it into your life.

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