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Knowing your partner, and feeling close to them, takes more than asking questions. It takes asking the right questions, and really listening to the answers. Better Marriages has several exercises that will have you and your partner finding out the details of one another’s lives, hopes, dreams, fears and more. These exercises will put you on a path to a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

Feelings and Actions

Share with your partner which feelings are most meaningful for you personally – which feelings you’d like to experience more often. 1. I feel appreciated by you when. . . 2. I feel accepted by you when. . . 3. I feel understood by you when. […]

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Money! Money! Money! Money!

Money can be a hot topic. But, in the words of the Beatles, "Money Can't Buy Me Love." Explore these questions together as a way to understand each other more fully. 1. Whether you and your partner are alike or different in your […]

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Daily Sharing Time

There's no substitute for setting aside 10-15 minutes every day to spend quality sharing time with your partner. This is an opportunity to get beyond small talk and shop talk and to share more intimately, keeping your relationship current and […]

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That’s What I Like About You!

According to John Gottman, healthy marriages have a ratio of at least 5 positive interactions to every 1 negative interaction. Words of affirmation provide meaningful positives in a relationship. Try it! You and your partner will both feel good! Complete these […]

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Keeping it Fun

"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the Game." Michael Jordan Conversation Think about your answers to these questions and then share them with your partner. 1. The following 3 statements are different ways of getting you to think about the things you enjoy doing. 2. My idea […]

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Vive le Difference – Personality and Temperament

Answer the following questions individually and then share your responses with your partner. 1. What are some ways you and your partner are alike and some ways you and your partner are different? 2.  How have your similarities impacted your relationship? 3. What are some […]

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Processing Anger

"The first step in dealing with conflict is to make decisions when you’re NOT angry about how you’re going to act when you ARE angry."     (Sarah Catron) Guidelines for processing our anger: Acknowledge anger – open up about your feelings […]

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