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Daily Sharing Time

There’s no substitute for setting aside 10-15 minutes every day to spend quality sharing time with your partner. This is an opportunity to get beyond small talk and shop talk and to share more intimately, keeping your relationship current and close.

Decide together on the best time to sit down together when there will be minimal distractions. Each of you take a few minutes to think through (or jot down) your answers to the following questions.

Then turn knee-to-knee, make physical contact and eye contact and take turns sharing with each other your answers.

1. How are you feeling now about what has happened in your life since our last sharing time?

2. What plans do you have for the next 24 hours?

3. Is anything troubling you?

4. Are you aware of any issue in our relationship about which we need to talk together in depth, and if so, can we now schedule a time when we will do so?