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Is There Hope for Marriage?

By Eddie and Sylvia Robertson For the Ledger-News

Is there hope for marriage today? We believe there is hope, but as with all valuable things, marriage must be valued and nurtured. Our son, Nate, hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 1996. Day hikers and Scouts repeatedly asked two questions: “Have you seen any bears?” and “What do you eat?” He answered, “Yes, there are bears and they will steal your food. You have to hang your pack high and always assume there are bears around.” The second answer was “Peanut butter and mac and cheese.”

In our life as a couple, there are many things (bears) which will steal our time and our joy. They don’t respect what is in our “pack;” we have to keep it out of their reach. Likewise, the essential “food” of our relationship is effective communication – talking with and listening to each other, building a life in tandem. We must stay up to date with each other. We do this by setting aside at least a little time often to look at each other and share our lives “knee to knee”.

Think about the following question. Take time to turn to your mate and share your thoughts. Listen to your mate’s thoughts.

What do you appreciate about your marriage? Who or what are your bears? They might even be people and things you like. How do you secure your marriage “pack?” What “food” sustains you and your marriage relationship for the long haul. How can you get and keep more of that good food?