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I Feel Loved

As pleasant as it is to feel appreciated and loved, many of us confess an uncomfortable awkwardness when receiving verbal affirmation. Indeed, we often hear ourselves and others denying, belittling, or excusing compliments.

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Knee to Knee - Share Your Dream

Most of us have dreams or wishes that may never become reality but are close to our heart. Trusting our partner with a secret longing may feel risky or we may simply never have consider-ed doing so because, after all, it’s only a dream! S... Read more


Weekend Whims

Very often a clock tells us where we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be doing Monday through Friday. Weekends usually bring blocks of relatively “unstructured” time for couples. When the weekend arrives, we may find s... Read more


Interviewing Your Partner

Directions: Go through this inventory very quickly circling the level of satisfaction you feel for each category. Then go back through very quickly and mark the level where you believe your spouse is with an “X.” This is a great exe... Read more