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New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

Jeanne Croteau
HealthLoveSpiritual & Wellness


At the end of every year, we begin thinking about how to improve ourselves in the upcoming twelve months. We make plans for starting the New Year in a positive and productive way, which is good, but how often do we apply this to our relationships? Here are some ways to give your relationship a boost and make 2013 your best year yet.

Get Healthy Together

It’s so much easier to eat better, start working out or give up a bad habit (like smoking) when you have support.  For example, if you’re trying to go vegan and your spouse is still planning to make pork roasts and Buffalo wings, it could present a real challenge.  Pick something you both would like to improve upon and do it together.

Don’t Overshare On Social Media Networks

It’s so tempting to send out a frustrated tweet or passive-aggressive Facebook update but that temporary lapse in judgement can really affect your relationship. Not only is it unfair to share intimate details on a social networking site, it also puts your friends and family in an awkward position.  Most of us have committed this sin but it’s really best to keep your private life, well, private.

Stop Putting Off Counseling

So many couples know that they could benefit from the help of a therapist but they get busy in their lives and stop thinking about it until the next big argument.  Rather than allowing the resentments and frustrations to continue building, be proactive and face the issues head-on.

Avoid Multitasking

We live our lives constantly tethered to our smart phones, laptops and other gadgets but, when it comes to spending time with your significant other, try giving your partner your undivided attention.  If you’re texting and checking your email while they are telling you about their day, it can give the impression that you don’t care.

Make Sex a Priority

Between carpooling, working, after-school activities, homework, working out and preparing meals, we can feel stretched to our limits. By the time we crawl into bed at night, we just want a few minutes to relax and finally get some sleep.  Unfortunately, that leaves virtually no time for intimacy and, over time, it really does affect most couples. During the day, try sending a steamy text or email to your partner. You might just find that you’re looking forward to bedtime for a different reason.

Have Fun

Those early days of a relationship are so much fun, partly because we put more effort into planning what we will do together but getting away and having a good time is even more important as time goes by. Become tourists in your own city and try things (a Segway tour, for example) that you’ve always wanted to do but never followed through.  Take dance lessons or a cooking class. Life can be complicated and free time becomes more scarce but you should always make time for a little fun – even if it’s just a quick date at a coffee shop.