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Investing in your Marriage Pays Big Dividends

By Greg & Priscilla Hunt

 We’ve all read the headlines:

     Unemployment Rates Continue to Rise

     Foreclosures are Up

     Job Layoffs are Increasing

Inevitably, stress on marriages is also on the rise. Research has shown that financial pressures are the number one cause of divorce in the United States. Add to this reality the downward spiral of today’s economy and many marriages are struggling.

Better Marriages offers these suggestions for making sure your marriage operates in the black during these uncertain times:

  1. Commit to ride out this economic storm together
  2. Focus on gratitude – count your blessings every day
  3. Focus on the positive – find things in your partner to appreciate
  4. Decide what you can control and do it – you and your marriage don’t
    have to be victims of the times
  5. Find ways to spend time together without spending money: cook a meal together,
    pack a picnic and head to the park, turn on the radio and dance
  6. Find ways to volunteer together in serving others – serve a meal at a soup kitchen,
    help build a Habitat house, tutor students after school
  7. Resist the temptation to point a finger in blame
  8. Find ways to affirm your spouse’s efforts
  9. Begin attending a marriage enrichment group
  10. Attend a couples class to learn communication and conflict management skills. Learn them
    and use them.
  11. Identify, celebrate, focus and build on current relationship strengths. Write them down!
  12. Openly discuss your financial realities – now is not the time to try to protect your spouse
  13. Remember the 3 Cs of a healthy relationship: commitment, communication and creative use of conflict

Yes, economic times are hard. But your marriage doesn’t have to pay the price. Investing in your marriage pays big dividends. To receive relationship tips, subscribe to our mailing list at  www.bettermarriages.org.


Keep reading. Keep learning. Keep growing!

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