Couple Talk Logo FINALCoupleTalk: Cracking the Code to an Amazing Relationship offers a set of powerful communication tools which teach you healthy ways to communicate as a couple about any topic no matter how sensitive and help you to improve your everyday communication. CoupleTalk combines insightful video-based instruction, interactive in-class exercises, and a workbook filled with practical advice and helps.

CoupleTalk is a unique experiential program. After you watch the video instruction and demonstration of the exercises, you will practice them yourselves! Research confirms that practice is essential in changing behaviors, so there will be plenty of practice time during each 90-minute video session. Follow along in your workbook, and keep the video playing while you practice the countdown clock will keep you on track.

CoupleTalk is for ALL couples. This program has helped all types of real couples dating, engaged, married with young children, married forever, yes, even couples in distress. So, wherever you’re at we welcome you!

CoupleTalk is rooted in Scripture. CoupleTalk is set in a Scriptural context and offers you practical communication skills that reflect our Lord’s desire that we speak the truth in love even to your spouse! Wherever you’re at in your faith journey, you’ll feel accepted and comfortable in CoupleTalk.

CoupleTalk contains two parts, with two goals.

CoupleTalk Part One: In Part 1 – Cracking the Code to a Deeper Connection, you will learn and use healthy communication tools to get more connected with your partner, to feel more understood, and to continue growing closer. During the video sessions, you will have conversations with your partner using the practical CoupleTalk communication skills, while talking about fun topics that you choose.

CoupleTalk Part Two: In Part 2 – Cracking the Code to Handling Conflict, you’ll build on what you learned in Part 1, to tackle those nagging issues, even the issue of nagging! You will learn and use practical tools to manage disagreements, handle strong emotions, and repair your relationship when it’s been damaged. During the video sessions, you will learn to work through a conflict from start (approaching your partner) to finish (practical solutions that satisfy both). As a result of CoupleTalk, you’ll have better communication, will feel closer to each other, and be able to resolve conflict faster!

Host a CoupleTalk class! CoupleTalk Hosts are regular couples and individuals who agree to host the video series at their church or in their home. No special training is needed to host the video series, but CoupleTalk does offer a variety of helpful supports. No need to be an expert! All you need is a heart to host this program; all teaching is done on video.

CoupleTalk Coaching! Learning these communication and conflict resolution skills takes time and practice. One way to really lock in the skills and get good at resolving issues is through CoupleTalk Phone or Webcam Coaching. You can schedule appointments for further practice in using the skills, and resolve actual issues with guidance from a trained, supportive coach. CoupleTalk Coaches are not therapists and do not offer therapy or counseling. They offer experienced guidance in using the skills in your relationship and the cost is very reasonable. See your CoupleTalk Host, or call 866-CoupleTalk for more details.