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Grateful for Mac and Mildred McIver

by Huw and Rachel Christopher

(Mac and Mildred McIver were early participants with the Maces in the development of marriage enrichment).

When we moved to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina in August 1986 some of the first people we met were Mac and Mildred McIver who lived across Banks Channel from our church’s manse.  This began a new relationship with the couple whom we had known in Richmond, Virginia between 1970-1972 when Dr. Malcolm C. McIver Jr., was Dean of the Faculty at the Presbyterian Church of Christian Education, where Rachel was a student, and across Brook Road from Union Theological Seminary where Huw was a student.  In the years in between they had retired to their home area.  They had also become associated with the work of David and Vera Mace in the Association of Couples in Marriage Enrichment.  One of the first things they did was to invite us to participate in an introduction to Marriage Enrichment which led to our participation with them for the next eighteen years in various Marriage Enrichment Groups.  At times this became a special group which they organized for clergy and their spouses.

As our son, Micol, began his College career, so they encouraged us to become more involved in the North Carolina Association of Couples in Marriage Enrichment.  Through their influence in this respect our whole awareness of marriage enrichment was broadened by contact with so many of the great people involved in the program on a state and national level.  With their help we were able to hold two State Conferences in the Wilmington area and with their encouragement we served on the State Board, including being President Couple.

We moved away from Wrightsville Beach in 2004 but still maintained a close friendship with Mac and Mildred and appreciated their continued support and interest in our lives and ministry.  Our contact continued with Mildred after Mac’s death and we will miss sharing our lives with her.  Unfortunately after we moved away to Florida and now to Pasadena, California we have never found Marriage Enrichment Groups in our local areas or even a State organizations like those in which Mac and Mildred encouraged us to participate.  Despite our inability to participate in a local Marriage Enrichment Group there are not many days that go by without us mentioning some aspect of the way in which our lives have been enriched because of the invitation which Mac and Mildred McIver gave to us to share in the Association of Couples in Marriage Enrichment, now called Better Marriages.

As we reflect and appreciate all that they helped to do for our lives and our marriage we feel sure that there are so many who would want to join us in being grateful for the lives and influence of Mac and Mildred McIver.

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