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Couple Growth Plan Exercise

Download GROWTH PLAN Exercise

Each of you individually write your response to numbers 1-3. When finished, share your answers with each other before proceeding to number 4. When you have written your goals, post them in a place where you will see it every day and be reminded of  your commitment.

  1.  What words or phrases would you choose to describe your ideal relationship?
  2. List several areas in your relationship in which growth is needed in order to reach this ideal.
  3. List 3-4 things you are personally willing to do during the next 3 months to move your relationship closer to the ideal. Share your answers with your partner.

Together, agree on 3-4 goals you want to accomplish during the next three months. Write them below.

Congratulations! You have chosen to have an “intentional relationship” – a relationship in which you are consciously striving for the achievement of agreed upon goals.  Post these goals where you will each see it every day to be reminded of your commitment to build a healthy, happy relationship.