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5 Adventurous Dates to Spark Your Marriage

No matter how much you love your spouse, there comes a time when the flames of romance begin to die down. Keep the spark alive by planning a unique or adventurous date. According to Psychology Today, the excitement of trying something new allows you to create fresh memories with your partner, and thus strengthening the bond you have with him or her. Choose a date with the right level of excitement to avoid overwhelming your sweetheart. After all, you’ll both want to feel exhilarated after a date, not stressed.

Improvised Play: Adrenaline Level Low

Blank! The Musical is a Broadway play with a twist. There is no script and no rehearsal, the perfect ingredients for an unpredictable night. With the audience acting as the director in this quirky act, you and your loved one are sure to have an amazing time. Before the play begins you’ll have the chance to choose the title, cast and lyrics on your smartphone and watch your creation develop right before your eyes, says Telecharge. The show is approximately 90 minutes long and prices vary depending on date and time.

Themed Cooking Class: Adrenaline Level Low

This unique date is great for couples that are tired of eating take-out. You’ll earn yourself some tasty leftovers while you improve your cooking and teamwork skills. If you want to earn bonus points with your better half, let him or her choose between Vietnamese, Mediterranean or Mexican classes. Sur La Table is a great place to begin your search for the perfect cooking class as the website offers advanced search features and a wide variety of classes. Be sure to find a full course meal and a fun theme to ensure an unforgettable night.

Random Restaurant Date: Adrenaline Level Medium

Up the excitement by throwing caution to the wind. Go to Yelp and choose a random restaurant from the list. It could be a complete disaster or it could become your new favorite place to have dinner—not knowing is half the fun! If you’re on the go, you can download the Urbanspoon app, which finds a random restaurant for you based on your location, cuisine preference and price range filters. This free app is available for both iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire. And to add to the spontaneity level, be sure to try something you have never had before.

Adventure Obstacle Course Race: Adrenaline Level High

Who says obstacle courses are just for kids? Race against the clock or try to beat your partner in an obstacle course race. These challenging events vary in theme and difficulty. For instance, The Tough Mudder is a great obstacle course race for beginners, says A Shot of Adrenaline. The race features plenty of mud so both of you will have to be okay with getting a little (or a lot) dirty. Couples with serious athletic skills will find The Death Race more suitable. This race, which can last over 70 hours (yes, you read that right), is the most extreme obstacle course race to date and is designed to push your physical and mental limits. If you have the courage, this experience is sure to bring you and your significant other closer together.

Couple Skydiving: Adrenaline Level High

Skydiving is certainly not for the faint of heart. But if you and your spouse are adrenaline junkies, this might be just what you need to make your marriage fresh and exciting again. Many skydiving companies offer special packages for couples, too. Skydive Chicago, for example, has the Shove Your Love package, which includes a skydiving class, a one minute fall at 120 MPH and a picnic lunch afterwards. When choosing a skydiving center, look for one with a high USPA rating, suggests Esquire.