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20 Ideas for Date Night

  1. cook a gourmet meal together
  2. read together – either read the same book aloud, or each of you choose your own book
  3. walk and talk
  4. ride bikes
  5. dabble in a new sport – bowl? skate? batting cage? putting green? dancing lessons?
  6. turn on a dvd or live stream a workout – do it together
  7. look through photos of your life together
  8. organize photos – decide which ones to print
  9. put together a photo book
  10. paint pottery together at Pinot’s Palette
  11. assemble meals together at Social Suppers
  12. make a scrapbook – keep it manageable – maybe for the past year? Include photos, movie tickets, restaurant napkins, etc. Don’t have those? Start collecting them for next year.
  13. plan a game night – board games, cards, dominoes. . .
  14. put together a jigsaw puzzle
  15. stroll the mall and window shop
  16. enjoy a picnic in the park
  17. camp – RV, tent, or under the stars – even in your back yard
  18. walk the aisles of a hardware or home improvement store and talk about your preferences
  19. visit a plant nursery – no green thumb? Read labels and learn together.
  20. while watching a movie at home, enjoy a snack – popcorn, cheese and crackers, cookies