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An Adventure in Intimacy: a Workshop for Couples

August 29-31, 2014 in Monterey, CA
Led by Hedy and Yumi Schleifer, Professional Members of Better Marriages
The Adventure In Intimacy is a fast-paced, transformational three-day workshop for couples. You and your partner will learn seven basic principles and seven essential rituals that will become practical, every day tools for vitalizing your relationship, continuously growing your connection, and guiding each other on the path to Relational Maturity. Join Hedy and Yumi at the workshop in Monterey, California on August 29-31, 2014.
Hedy and Yumi Schleifer have been married over 45 years, have worked together as a couple for over 20 years, and have brought their transformational work to couples all over the world. They teach relational practices based on new paradigms, which are extremely effective and enhance connections not only with primary life partners, but also with children, friends, business partners and colleagues.
At the Adventure in Intimacy you will discover how:
• three invisible connectors become visible and strengthen your bond
• conflict is a friend and a launching pad for growth
• daily annoying frustrations are powerful vehicles for productive change
• a user-friendly skill set can move you from automatic unconscious re-activity to deliberate, productive, conscious action
• fun, romance and intimacy can ignite your relationship
• the spiritual potential of your relationship is at the
core of being your partner’s best friend and healer

Watch Hedy’s TEDtalk at www.YouTube.com/HedyYumi to learn about the three invisible connectors, and insights into what you will learn at the workshop

Join Hedy and Yumi on August 29-31, 2014 in Monterey, CA for an Adventure In Intimacy. Additional information about the workshop and Hedy and Yumi at www.HedyYumi.com.