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Couples Guide to Finances

Our friends at www.ourstart.com research and write about the latest pregnancy and motherhood trends.

They understand that money management between two people is crucial to any successful relationship. Whether dating, engaged or married, sharing financial responsibilities is a huge factor that should not be ignored. Many couples make the mistake of thinking that “love is enough” to get them through hard times. While this is a lovely sentiment, it is not quite accurate.

Find their free Couples Guide to Finances HERE.

You’ll discover:

  • Pre-marriage financial planning
  • Techniques on handling debt
  • Talking openly about your financial past
  • Deciding on getting a pre-nup
  • Bank accounts
  • Financial goals
  • Budgeting
  • Planning for financial hardships and emergencies
  • Spending habits
  • Financial risk management
  • Tax filing
  • Budgeting for kids
  • When to start saving for retirement
  • Writing a will
  • Understanding life insurance
  • What happens financially in divorce
  • And More!