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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a
present and not giving it.”                  
                   William Arthur Ward

Many of us long for a more intimate relationship with our spouse or wonder how to bring new vitality into our marriage. We often tend to dwell on the negative aspects of our relationship rather than the positive. Our relationship can be improved by becoming more aware and appreciative of the positive aspects of our marriage.

One way to readjust our perspective is to more fully appreciate everything good in the marriage. By changing our own behavior, by being more appreciative and positive, we can improve our relationship satisfaction.

Why should one be thankful?

  1. It helps us to be in the present by noticing and acknowledging what we have.
  2. Being thankful has the power of changing our mood from negative to positive. Good feelings and positive energy arise when you start acknowledging what you are thankful for.
  3. Expressions of gratitude can improve our relationship.

Some people find it helpful to keep a gratitude journal in which they write a daily list of the things-big and small that they appreciate.  Sharing at least one expression of gratitude each day with each other is a powerful tool to bring gratitude into a relationship.

Couple Knee-to-Knee Exercise

Directions: Individually respond to the questions. When finished share your answers with your partner.

  1. What are three things I appreciate about my partner?
  1. In what ways is my life better because of my partner?
  1. What am I thankful for in our relationship?