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Holidaze Eminent

by Eddie and Sylvia Robertson
adapted from Wonderful Wednesdays

We are experiencing the most holiday packed time of year. It is a time filled with activities and emotions. We each have expectations, and others have expectations of us. There is a whirlwind of activities from Thanksgiving travel to Christmas parties for every group where we belong.

We each carry memories of the past and hopes for this season. Some memories will come from our childhoods; some have been made with our mates. We each have our own personal reactions to the approach of the holidays. Right now is not too early to take an intentional hold on the season. If we don’t start now, the season will be in charge, and we will get what it brings.

Couple Conversation – Share your thoughts with your partner knee-to-knee. Together, make plans to approach, survive, and enjoy the season in ways that are meaningful for both of you.

  1. Are there things you do to prepare for this time of year, for the holidays?
  2. How do you feel about gifts – choosing, giving, receiving?
  3. What emotions do you associate with the season? Are all feelings positive, or are they mixed? Are there losses associated with the season?
  4. What are your favorite parts of the season? What are your least favorite parts?
  5. Can you, or do you want to make changes in how you and your family celebrate this year? If so, what might they be?