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Could Dance be the New Couples Therapy?

by Dawn McDowell

Dawn McDowell, founder of MarriageDance, will be a presenter at the 2013 Better Marriages Conference: Educating Couples, Building Relationships July 11-14, 2013 in Raleigh, NC.


I discovered an article with this title a few months ago online and read it with great interest.  “Whether a couple is newlywed or has been married for decades, dance can create a positive change in confidence, communication and intimacy between partners,” writes the author. “It’s like couple’s therapy but far more fun!”

A similarly titled article posted on today.com quotes Tony Dovolani of “Dancing with the Stars” who, while presenting seminars and instructing private dance lessons between seasons, sees many couples reconnecting through ballroom dancing.

“It’s almost like you have a newfound love for each other,” Dovolani says. “Discovering new steps together teaches couples to interact with each other. They’re looking into each other’s eyes, anticipating the next move. It opens up energy channels of feeling and connection. It rejuvenates everything.”

Dovolani cites communications skills, respect, stress relief through physical activity and positive feelings about the shared experience as further relationship benefits of dance lessons.
Valentine’s Day and National Marriage Week are the perfect time to adopt (or practice) the romantic activity of ballroom/partner dance with your spouse.