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We live in a hectic world, and sometimes making the time to focus on our relationship can be difficult. Better Marriages MP3 audio files can be downloaded and you can listen to them while commuting, on the treadmill, cooking dinner. . .  whenever it’s convenient for you.  This makes it a bit easier to intentionally focus on growing your relationship – anytime, anywhere.

Talking about Forgiveness

Join Eddie and Sylvia Robertson, Better Marriages Certified Trainer Couple as they discuss the importance of forgiveness in a couple relationship. Stay tuned for a couple exercise/conversation starter at the end of their discussion.

Real Relationships in the Real World: Stress

Join Greg and Priscilla Hunt in this radio interview that explores the impact of stress on a couple's relationship.

Secrets of Happily Married Men

Men CAN learn to improve their marriage. This seminar covers: Ways that men have been viewed as unskilled in relationships, a bias that is perpetuated by popular media and even reinforced in some forms of therapy. Relationship strategies that appeal to men by recognizing men's unique communication style (for instance, men tend to use less words in emotional conversation,) and some of the hormonal and brain structural differences that explain this style. Specific strategies of listening and conflict management for men that can improve marital satisfaction

Reptiles in Love

How to recognize and prevent fights that escalate to mutually self-destructive behavior and achieve physical and emotional safety in conflict, sort out real from unreal issues, and identify and overcome the more primitive aspects of our nature. In this program you learn: - How the brain affects couples abilities to talk and really hear each other when they are fearful, angry or hurt - How to lower the emotions and intensity before trying to "fix things" or trying to get closer - How most repetitive battles are about "the wrong subject" ] - "Mechanical approaches" to lowering anxiety and calming each other

How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

Men are right. The “relationship talk” does not help. In this program Dr. Steven Stosny reveals the stunning truth about marital happiness: - Love is not about better communication. It's about connection. - You'll never get a closer relationship with your man by talking to him like you talk to one of your girlfriends. - Male emotions are like women's sexuality: you can't be too direct too quickly. There are four ways to connect with a man: - Touch - Activity - Sex - Routines Men want closer marriages just as much as women do, but not if they have to act like a woman. Talking makes women move closer; it makes men move away. The secret of the silent male is this: his wife supplies the meaning in his life. In this program you learn: - The same vulnerabilities that bring us together tear us apart - Why we fight - The worst thing a woman does to a man - The worst thing a man does to a woman - The Power Love Formula: 4 3/4 minutes a day to a powerful relationship

No More Mr Nice Guy! Getting What You Want in Love and Life

- Too concerned about what other people think of you? - Spend too much time taking care of other people? - Having a hard time making your intimate relationships work? - Frustrated with your sex life? In No More Mr. Nice Guy!, Dr. Robert Glover presents a proven plan to get what you want in love, sex and life. Whether you're single and looking for love or in a relationship that you want to become all it can be, Dr. Glover will help you identify your own self-defeating behaviors and find what you're looking for. - In this program you will learn- - How to stop seeking approval and make your needs a priority - How to build healthy, vibrant relationships - How to tell the truth with love - How to set the tone and take the lead without being controlling - Three rules for great sex

Addressing Relationship Energy Drainers

Do you know that "the way a relationship starts off, it tends to continue"? Too often we spend weeks or months in a relationship, only to find it is not working for us because we feel drained, guilty, very angry, or “used” in the relationship. You can save yourself time, energy, and pain by learning to recognize immediately when your energy is being drained and what you can do about it. Whether you have a penchant for attracting energy draining individuals or you experience energy draining only occasionally, you'll appreciate having readily-available tools for dealing with this all-too-common relationship challenge. In this program you will learn: - How and why energy draining occurs - 6 ways to immediately recognize when your energy is being drained. - Two prominent patterns of energy draining. - Three actions you can take to neutralize energy draining from others. - How to utilize the 72-Hour Rule to strengthen yourself in relationships. - The D.E.S.C. Plus-A-Step method for communicating powerfully.

Relationship Essentials for Men

Historically, women have been thought of as the primary gatekeepers of intimate relationships. Unfortunately, there are several potential downsides to this paradigm: - Women often come to feel controlling, criticizing, and over-worked - Men often come to feel controlled, criticized, and unappreciated - Men tend to become defensive and avoidant and see their partner as a problem to be solved - Women tend to feel dismissed and lonely and have to guess what their partner is feeling and thinking - Both partners often end up feeling frustrated, resentful, powerless, and misunderstood (but doing more of the same thing, hoping for different results) No wonder over 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce and countless others wither in silent desperation. In this program Dr. Glover proposes a new paradigm of relationship interaction in which men become more fully present and take a more active leadership role in their relationship. Dr. Glover is not proposing that men become dominant or controlling, but that they become more conscious, honest, and transparent. In doing so, they can act with love and integrity in setting a tone that promotes open communication, problem resolution, reciprocity, trust, and sexual passion. In this program, men will learn: - How to become conscious and present in their intimate relationship - How to become a good 'ascertainer' - How to become honest and transparent with their partner - How to set the tone and take the lead with love and integrity In this program, women will learn: - What it looks like when their partner becomes present in their relationship - How to trust and let go of control - How to more fully participate in a more reciprocal relationship - How to welcome increased sexual passion

Virtual Marriage Enrichment Group Recordings with Slides

Your time. Your place. Your topic. A Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) is an ongoing small group that provides a safe place for couples to explore their relationship among supportive peers. All couples are there for the same purpose – to […]

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The Miracle of Connection Part 1: Growing Our Passion

Member MP3 of the Month   With Hedy Schleifer In this program Hedy covers the initial “Romance” stage of relationship and how to keep the initial excitement alive over time. FIVE ASSUMPTIONS FOR RELATIONSHIPS Hedy shared the following five assumptions she and Yumi make about […]

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Pressure Cooker Partners

Pressure Cooker Partners Greg and Priscilla Hunt present a 90-minute workshop on stress and how it impacts a couple's relationship. What are the causes of stress? What are the symptoms of stress? What are the short-term and long-term results of stress? How can you identify […]

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Love is a Choice (inspirational love song)

Beautiful, inspirational love song from Relationship Coaching Institute. Composed by Ariana Hall, David Steele, and Darlene Steele. Sung a capella by Ariana Hall.