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Loving Well

by Bea Strickland

We know that the first hot love, infatuation, doesn’t last. In the book, The Truth About Love, author Pat Love talks about the behaviors of falling in love and what we can learn from them. We can employ them in an intentional way to enhance our marriage. She says, “True love is not just a strong feeling. It is an ongoing decision to act in a loving way.”

Right now, today, you can reinstitute some of the earlier romantic behaviors.

  • Make the relationship and each others’ needs a priority. “How can I help you, dearest?”
  • Give time and attention. Remember how you found the time while dating.
  • Touch each other, be affectionate, and flirt. “I love it when you hug me!”
  • Look for the positive, show appreciation, and give compliments, “Thank you so much for doing that.”