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Tips for Proactive Planning with Your Partner While Navigating Uncertain Times


As society responds to a global health crisis, individuals and couples must learn to adapt to a new way of living, working, and socializing. Some major changes that have occurred during this time include isolation for safety, reducing in-person socialization in large groups, and adjusting to remote work from home for non-essential workers. All of these lifestyle changes have the potential to impact your daily lifestyle, relationship, and future plans.

With that being said, now more than ever, it’s critical to make a point to communicate your needs to those closest to you and take proactive steps to prepare for the future the best you can. By having a better handle on certain aspects of your life that you can control, you will be more resilient and capable of adapting to changes without the added anxiety or stress.

 Communicate Openly

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been with your partner for years, it’s common for any couple to feel the impact of major life changes. Although adjustments are difficult, the positive side is that change gives you space and time to re-evaluate your lifestyle and decide if you are both working towards the right goals. If you feel as though you’ve gotten sidetracked or life has brought you down a different path in any capacity, now is the time to decide if you’re content. During this time of pause, be honest with yourself and how you want your future to look—this includes your relationship.

Being open with your partner and discussing your goals and aspirations can help you bond and have more meaningful conversations. It will also help instill confidence and understanding within your relationship, allowing you both to grow together and feel connected. Finding ways to be more in sync with one another’s goals, interests, and needs moving forward will be in your best interest. Simply having this discussion shows that you both care and want to make efforts to strengthen your relationship.

Discuss Work and Career Plans

If the economy has impacted your job during this time, you are not alone. Many individuals have unfortunately lost their job, been furloughed, or have left due to the circumstances. Hopefully neither you nor your partner have been negatively impacted but if so, try to remain positive rather than making this a stressor in your relationship. Since you and your partner are on the same team, aim to support each other professionally and personally during times of uncertainty. If one or both of you is struggling to find a job or navigate a job, try to problem-solve together. Your partner might have a suggestion for you that you didn’t yet consider or give you some extra encouragement to be open about your new situation.

On the other hand, if you have both been working from home during this time and need a change of speed to maintain productivity, there are a few things you can try! For example, create your own designated offices or areas, depending on the size of your living space, and decorate it to fit your personality. Environment has a major influence on mindset and productivity so changing up your workspace, getting organized, and re-structuring your days might be just what you both need to improve your daily workflows.

Revisit Your Finances

Many people have been forced to address fluctuations in their financial situation due to unemployment or salary changes. If this is the case for you, it might be helpful to talk with a financial advisor to gain some insight as to how you can gain more control over your money during this time. If you or your significant other’s job or salary has taken a hit due to economic changes, it’s important that you take steps to budget and allocate finances accordingly. To support this, there are banking and budgeting apps you can download that might help you conveniently stay on top of your finances and investments. You might consider a more aggressive plan to pay off any debt between you and your partner. Reducing financial stress and worry is one major way to improve your future and avoid money becoming an issue in your personal relationships.

 Plan for the Unexpected

As you have experienced over the past few months, as much as you can plan ahead, life will throw you curveballs at times. Learning to navigate periods of stress or uncertainty is a skill that you can acquire and improve upon over time. If your relationship is progressing the way you intend and you plan to be in each other’s lives for a long time, it’s a good idea to discuss how you can best protect one another in the case of an emergency or unexpected situation.

It’s recommended that individuals secure a life insurance policy early on in order to lock in affordable rates while young and healthy. In addition, it can provide extra peace of mind in a world that can be unpredictable at times. If you are feeling financially strapped at the moment, you can check out how much life insurance costs and create a plan to obtain a policy as soon as recommended for your situation. You might consider talking with a professional insurance representative who can provide you with personalized suggestions and plan details.

Get Organized and Stay Motivated

Now that you have worked through some of the big considerations to protect yourself, your future, and your finances, take a look at what drives your motivation. Rather than just stick to the daily grind, think about ways to motivate yourself on the days that you might not feel like working, exercising, or even preparing dinner. Write down some of your favorite activities, meals, games, and music. Find ways to incorporate your favorite things into your schedule on weeks that are busier or more stressful.

Listen to your favorite song or podcast to prepare you for a big work presentation. Or maybe go to the store and pick up ingredients for your favorite recipes on a night that you’d rather just resort to having the snacks in your pantry. Tired and don’t feel like working out? Walk around outside or find a new place to explore with your partner. Making these small, intentional changes can help you feel more motivated to stick to your routine, make choices that will benefit you long-term, and encourage you that tomorrow is another day.

 Set Aside Quality Time for You and Your Partner

If you feel you have taken all the appropriate steps and put in the work to improve certain aspects of your life, your relationship, and your future—it’s time for you to start enjoying the place you currently are. As you navigate the drastic changes going on in the world and daily life, it’s helpful to find areas of calm and peace for yourself and your relationship. Taking time out of your day to address your mental health and well-being is extremely beneficial and worth your while. Try to brainstorm some activities you might enjoy doing alone, and some you can do with your partner. Again, taking time away from the pressure of daily life and just accepting where you currently are can have long lasting effects on your future and happiness.

Understand that a successful relationship requires the effort of two individuals who intend to grow and learn together. Although you might be facing some sort of change or uncertainty on a day-to-day basis, this will probably not be the only time in your life you must adapt. Acquiring the tools and skills to work through difficult situations will serve you well in the future and help you gain confidence that you and your partner will come out of this stronger than ever.

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