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Strengthen, Enliven and Energize your Relationship!


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Arranging Your Marriage


by Scott Haltzman, MD

Remember Fiddler on the Roof? Golda and Tevya sit together reflecting on the marriage of their daughters. Tevya looks longingly at Golda and asks: (you can hear the music cue up as you think about the lyrics…) “Do you love me?” Golda shoots back: “Do I what!?”  Read more. . . 

Emotional Infidelity, The Silent Marriage Killer

by Kenyon Knapp, PhD
and Mayi Dixon, MS

Most would agree that marriage is difficult.   Most would also  agree that infidelity seems  rampant in today’s society.  Infidelity may take on different forms such as sexual infidelity and emotional infidelity.  The distinction is made among the types of infidelity because the two types may take on different actions, but the results are the same.  Read more. . .

Couple Conflict: Attitude is Everything!
by Greg and Priscilla Hunt

Kathy: “Too often, our disagreements end badly. We get frustrated with each other, and our anger overshadows the issue at hand. Our  discussions deteriorate into accusations and put-downs. One of us usually walks away mad.  I’d love to know how to get past this so we can actually solve our problems as they come and feel closer to one another when it’s all said and done.”  Can you relate?

Stepfamily Packages
by Carri and Gordon Taylor
Living in any family brings surprises – that’s life. Living in a stepfamily guarantees LOTS of surprises because of the “open” & expanded system it creates.  Read more. . .

Conversation Starter:
Expressing Love with Actions

There are many ways to say “I love you.” There may be times our partner is saying “I love you” and we do not recognize the nonverbal language. We don’t want to miss hearing that sweet phrase in whatever form it takes! There may also be ways our partner would like to hear us say “I love you” that have never occurred to us – or we need to do more often.

Talk About It

  1. Complete the following sentence describing several actions.”I am saying I love you when I . . . (Examples:  When I hug you, When I bring you something you need, When I do a dull job for you, When I help create quiet time for you to work/relax, When I watch your favorite TV show, etc.) Share your list with your partner. Are there things on the list that surprise you; things you did not recognize as expressions of love?
  2. Now change the sentence to read: I feel loved when
    you . . .Complete the sentence individually, then share your ideas with each other. What did you learn about how to express love to your partner?

Remember: love is more than a feeling or even an intention. Love is action – it’s what you do!  

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The 5 Love Languages Video
Gary Chapman

It’s a story of hope. For twenty years, The 5 Love Languages has been improving marriages… one language at a time. For more information, visit  http://www.5lovelanguages.com.