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Laugh Together, Stay Together

Laugh Together Stay Together

Friend of Better Marriages, Susanne Alexander, has recently published a new educational cartoon book: Laugh Together, Stay Together: 15 Ways to Lighten Up and Keep Connected (soon to be available through the Better Marriages bookstore). For couples who want to explore the “ways to lighten up” more deeply, there is a couple’s discussion guide available separately. And a presentation package for leader couples to help lighten up workshops.

Couples are in a social relationship. They talk, laugh, touch, cook, clean, and parent in a dynamic interaction with one another. Each couple’s flow is unique. Some couples are naturally more serious, and they are happy with this as the “culture” of their relationship or marriage. However, many couples appreciate including a lighter side. Some may even find it possible to be playful and silly at times!

The ability to laugh together and appreciate the humorous aspects of their lives can strengthen their relationship and family life. As one person shares, laughter can spread to lift the spirits of the other and on out to other family members. Laughter is contagious.

Laughter, humor, and leisure/social time as a couple can:

• Increase the strength of your friendship
• Help you cope more easily with difficulties
• Make it easier to encourage and assist each other with personal growth and change
• Increase energy and productivity
• Deepen your emotional and physical intimacy
• Increase harmony and relationship or marital satisfaction
• Add balance to your lives
• Help with relaxing and not taking yourselves too seriously
• Help you feel grateful for your lives, relationship or marriage, and family

Couples who can laugh and have fun with each other in good times and tough times create “couple glue” that sticks them together. Laugh Together, Stay Together is a delightfully funny and informative book.

Susanne has married since we last saw her at the Better Marriages Conference in 2013. Congratulations, Susanne and Phil!

Learn more about Susanne and Laugh Together, Stay Together at www.MarriageTransformation.com.