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Dividing chores equally leads to a better sex life

by Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune Couples can be forgiven for not knowing whether to give chores the side-eye or the come-hither. A new study says that dividing them evenly ā€” particularly child-care responsibilities ā€” leads to a better sex life and all-around […]

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3 Steps to Reveal Your Desires During Sex

by Tony & Alisa Making love with your spouse is one of the most personal and meaningful acts you do together. The closeness, touches, foreplay and connection gives each of you the opportunity to steal away and experience a bond that is […]

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The Only Two Things You Should Be Doing in Bed!

By The Intimate Couple Intimacy and sleep experts alike agree on this advice: your bed should be reserved for two things, and they both start with an ā€˜sā€™, sleep and sex. Sleep affects your sex, and vice versa! Not only should the bed be […]

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