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What are Couple Exercises and Why do Them?

Couple Exercises are tools to strengthen your relationship. They consist of structured questions for couples and a structured way of discussing answers. Just as regular physical exercise benefits our body, marriage enrichment exercises benefit our marriage. Regular physical exercise benefits our […]

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Derby Pie in a Mug

A derby pie (Kentucky derby pie) is basically a pecan pie with bourbon and chocolate chips! Ingredients 1 ½ tablespoon (45g/1 ½ oz) butter, melted ⅔ cup (85g/3 ¼ oz) brown sugar 2 tablespoons (41g/1 ½ oz) maple syrup/ honey or […]

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Recipe: Pecan Pie in a Mug

Ingredients 1 ½ tablespoon (45g/1 ½ oz) butter, melted ⅔ cup (85g/3 ¼ oz) brown sugar 3 tablespoons (41g/1 ½ oz) maple syrup/ honey or golden syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla ⅛ teaspoon salt 1 egg ⅔ cup (60g/2oz) pecans, chopped […]

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Recipe: Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Ingredients ¼ C flour 2 T sugar 2 T cocoa ¼ t baking powder 1/8 t salt ¼ C + 1 T milk 2 T oil 1 T chocolate chips Instructions Mix all ingredients together in the mug Microwave 1 minute Enjoy!

Dinner Conversation Starters

Download your free Dinner Conversation Starters. Enjoy! What are you MOST thankful for today? What brings you happiness? What was the best part of your day? What is the nicest thing someone did for you this year? What is the […]

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Weddings and Moving in With Your New Spouse During the Pandemic

By Lena Borrelli For many couples, the coronavirus has interfered with even the best-laid wedding plans, and it has brought a once-thriving industry to a near standstill. “Due to the pandemic, the wedding industry has been as deeply affected as the restaurant […]

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Tips for Proactive Planning with Your Partner While Navigating Uncertain Times

courses.closecompanions.org As society responds to a global health crisis, individuals and couples must learn to adapt to a new way of living, working, and socializing. Some major changes that have occurred during this time include isolation for safety, reducing in-person socialization […]

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5 Effective Tips and Strategies to Improve Your Relationship

Getting into a relationship is quite easy but keeping it happy and healthy can be a rollercoaster ride. Getting married doesn’t mean that it is the beginning of a new chapter, rather it is the continuation of two individual lives […]

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How Spouses Can Get Out of Debt Together

Check out Couple Talk About Money Matters, a downloadable workbook for couples. Developed by a certified Specialist in Marriage Enrichment and a Financial Advisor, this workbook will give you the structure required for a productive, conflict-free conversation. As a couple, you […]

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6 Ways To Grow Closer To Your Partner

Guest Post As time goes on and you and your partner have been together for what feels like an eternity, you may begin to find that you start to feel a bit distant. This is completely normal and could happen for […]

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Where to Find the Best Honeymoon Resorts in Greece

John Brooks When it comes to picking a honeymoon destination it’s all about picking the most romantic and beautiful place in order to make your trip as memorable as possible. The place however is only one half of the equation, in […]

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