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How to reignite the sparks from your earliest days together

Are you like me? When I met Greg (the one-and-only love of my life) I had butterflies in my stomach! When we met (I was engaged to be married to another man 3 months later. . . ). I knew […]

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Gratitude for our Life Together

by Huw Christopher, Better Marriages Emeritus Member Pasadena California A few days after the death of my wife, Rachel, I was reading a daily devotional which we had frequently shared together.  On that particular day, the meditation from the Henri Nouwen Society […]

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Post-Wedding To-Do’s: Tackling Employer-Provided Benefits

When you get married, so much of your lives join as one. Maybe your last name, where you live, and your finances but, this doesn’t just happen all at once. Each of these are things that will require a conversation […]

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