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Better Marriages Prepares us for “In Sickness and in Death”

Huw Christopher, Pasadena, California My wife, Rachel, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2018. Having spent years nurturing and growing our relationship, we’d never quite considered that one day one of us would end up alone. When Rachel was diagnosed she […]

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Annual Fall Giving Campaign

from Priscilla Hunt, Executive Director Today I read an interesting article about the revitalization of a rural town on the Missouri River in Kansas. This stuck out for me: “Valuable change happens when folks aren’t afraid of breaking out of old ways […]

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How to reignite the sparks from your earliest days together

Are you like me? When I met Greg (the one-and-only love of my life) I had butterflies in my stomach! When we met (I was engaged to be married to another man 3 months later. . . ). I knew […]

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