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Topical Workshop Series

Talking About Finances

According to research, finances are the leading cause of stress in a couple’s relationship.

In a relaxed, safe environment, explore your attitudes, beliefs, hopes and dreams about money. Develop communication strategies for discussing this important topic with your partner more effectively-and without conflict.

Coffee and bagels served. $20 per individual or couple.

Stress Rx: The Relationship Factor

Stress is inevitable. Going it alone isn’t. Tap into the full potential of your key relationships as sources of strength and resilience.

Explore relationship strategies for making stress work for you. Attend this interactive workshop on your own OR with a friend, companion, partner, or family member.

$20 per individual or couple. Wine & cheese served.

More Than Words: The Communication Factor

We cannot not communicate. We learned to talk at an early age. But did we learn how to listen? Did we learn how to reach complete self-awareness before sharing what’s on our mind or in our heart? This workshop will help you do just that. Develop skills and strategies to help make communication with those closest to you easier and more effective.

$20 per individual or couple. Wine & cheese served.

Let Conflict Bring You Closer

All couples have conflict. You are not alone! Conflict can serve an important purpose in your relationship. If handled well, it can actually bring you closer instead of pushing you further apart.

Learn strategies to make conflict work for you instead of against you. Come away with your own workbook for deeper exploration at home.

$20 per individual or couple. Coffee and bagels served.