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Carri and Gordon Taylor: Stepfamily Specialists, Children of Divorce and Pre-Remarriage Preparation

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Carri and Gordon Taylor: Stepfamily Specialists

Gordon is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist. Carri is a Communication Skills Trainer and Life Coach.

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The Taylors:
We have been married since February 1986. Both of us were previously married; Gordon for 18 years, and Carri for 13½ years. Gordon brought three sons to the marriage and Carri brought two daughters. We now have ten grandchildren, and were legal guardians of Carri’s oldest granddaughter, born in 1990.

Our mission is to stop divorce and re-divorce. Understanding the territory of first marriages and subsequent marriages is realizing they are as different as apples and oranges. Most couples that remarry think they are building a better apple when in fact they are entering a territory that will be very different – bringing together children, assets, debts, stuff. The children are the ones that take the hit in divorce and remarriage. Our goal is to educate couples in successful stepfamily principles that have been researched. We’ve worked with hundreds of stepfamilies over the years and have been on that journey ourselves. We have identified the important factors in building a solid stepfamily.

Licensed in the states of California and Oklahoma, Gordon has worked in the public and private sectors. He uses counseling tools that are pragmatic and productive. His specialties are stepfamilies, relationship issues, and anger management.

Certified as a Communication Skills Trainer and Life Coach, Carri guides people through new self-awareness and new insights into others. She uses practical, ready-to-use proven tools to enhance all of their relationships.

She has a background in documentary film production since 1977. Her current productions are:
“Designing Dynamic Stepfmilies: Bringing the Pieces to Peace” www.DesigningDynamicStepfamilies.com
“Children of Divorce: the Tough Truth” www.ChildrensToughTruth.com

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