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Priscilla Hunt

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Executive Director


Priscilla Hunt, Olathe, KS, has served 15 years as the Executive Director for Better Marriages. Previously she served as Better Marriages Training and Certification Coordinator as well as the coordinator for our International Better Marriages Conferences, 2007, 2011, 2013 and 2015. Priscilla is also a Certified Relationship Coach for Couples and a Training Mentor for the Relationship Coaching Institute.

Priscilla was honored in 2011 by the Board of Directors with the Special Recognition Award for “dedicated service to Better Marriages that goes beyond any title she carries.”

Priscilla and her husband, Greg, are Faculty Coordinators for the Close Companions Online Relationship Academy. They are a certified Better Marriages Leader Couple and certified Better Marriages Specialists in Marriage Enrichment, Seminar Directors for Prepare-Enrich, Instructor Trainers for Couple Communication and Trainers for Mentoring for Better Marriages, and trainers for Couple Growth Group Facilitators.  They are sought-after speakers for conferences, workshops, retreats, and banquets.

Greg and Priscilla were honored in 2022 with the David and Vera Mace Medal, the highest award bestowed by the National Board of Directors. They were recognized for their service on a global scale including Australia, England, India, and Mexico.


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