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When the Relationship Needs a Vacation

relationship vacationWhen the Relationship Needs a Vacation
by Dewayne and LaTasha Hudson
Reviewed by Bill McConahey, VA, Board of Directors

A recent, excellent addition to the Better Marriages Bookstore is When the Relationship Needs a Vacation. Authored by Better Marriages certified leader couple Dewayne and LaTasha Hudson, they use personal anecdotes to illustrate their main points and cover many of the areas that are common stressors to all couples as well as some that are unique to themselves.

Each chapter has a main story narrated by one or the other of the authors which is followed by a section called What He (She) Didn’t Tell You in which the one not narrating the main story has a brief forum to expand on the story already told. They then reflect on what they have learned from the experiences discussed in that chapter and distill for the readers several brief points as take away lessons.

Two superb chapters add a lot to the book. In Let’s Talk About It, Dewayne and LaTasha summarize and discuss briefly the twelve points they have learned to be most important in effective couple communication. The final section is Couple Activities, a series of exercises based on the topics raised in each chapter.

This couple tackles not only the usual sources of strife in a relationship but more emotionally charged topics such as the loss of a wedding ring and a late pregnancy miscarriage. Their courage and honesty in discussing these things and sharing their feeling makes this a very useful as well as engaging addition to the literature available for couples interested in improving their own relationship.

It would make a good book study for a Marriage Enrichment Group.
This book is available at the Better Marriages store: $15.95.